Day 32 June 23, 2023 (Sorrento)

Day 32 June 23, 2023 (Sorrento)

After a decent night’s sleep, John made coffee and we headed out to find the grocery store as we had no breakfast/dinner supplies. We finally found the favorite store, Conan, and got what we needed for the next couple of days. We headed back to the room where John fixed us breakfast and we planned out what we were doing to do for the day. We decided to just get out and walk around and see what there was to see. John wanted to find where the port was as we wanted to book a boat for a day trip to Capri next week. We walked around for about two hours and then it was time for a lunch/drink break. The sun is very intense here and while it was only 80 degrees, it felt much hotter than that.

We found a nice little place near the water, and both had Cesar salads (I had shrimp, John had salmon) and it came with garlic bread, which was a change, as you usually just get plain bread. We imbibed on an Aperol spritz as well and just sat and enjoyed watching the boats. After lunch we explored some more, checking out little stores and just getting acquainted with the area. Later, we stopped for a drink, then headed back to the BNB. We realized we had not gotten any vegetables while we were at the store, so decided to walk back there again (we found a shortcut as we finally got the lay of the land) and stopped at a fruitteria stand that had fresh vegetables too. Vegetables in hand, back we went and then stopped at the little Despar store (like a convenience store) and grabbed a bottle of wine. Showers taken; we started dinner. We made chicken cutlets, green beans with tomatoes, and an asparagus risotto. Desert was a piece of chocolate with a limoncello. It is now called limoncello as we are in Sorrento and the lemons are infused longer than with limoncino. Limoncino is from the Ligurian area (Cinque Terra) so it’s all about the territories as to how it is made and called. Your history lesson for the day 😊

We found out that the beaches and most activities are more crowded on the weekends as the Italians are off work and are out playing as well. We plan to do most of our things during the week when it may be less crowded with the “regulars”. We will see how it works!

While we have had a wonderful experience so far, we are starting to miss home and our family/friends.

Miles walked – 7.60 Ciao!

Look at that cute little washing machine! I did laundry this morning.
A better perspective of where the washing machine is, lol!!!
On our way to find the grocery store.
Groceries bought, John cooking breakfast 🙂
Starting our adventure after breakfast, that is Mt. Vesuvius in the background.
Looking up at all the high dollar hotels, lol!
One of the five ancient Greek gates that fortified Sorrento. This one is the Marina Grande gate near our BNB.
Love the flowers! We are still wondering how that car got there, this passage is VERY narrow.
A gorgeous view looking down on the beaches.
Our view from our lunch table.
Cute dish it was presented in.
We ate lunch were you see the white paneled roof, love the view from up here
The gorge that divides downtown Sorrento. So when two big vehicles are trying to go around the bend, one has to stop and backup to let the other get through. We saw this a few times while standing there. It all seems to work well!
“Valley of the Mills” An old mill and laundry from the 1800’s that is abandoned but houses unique types of vegetation. It is said that the steps that are seen to the left, were carved into the rocks centuries before Christ.
A restoration project was starting in 2019 and a bunch of the vegetation was cleared and part of the building. It was stopped in 2020 due to landscape protection laws.
Mt. Vesuvius later in the day
It is mounted on the wall and used as a planter, love it!
Another view of Mt. Vesuvius
Cooking dinner in our tiny kitchen, miss mine!!!!!

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