Day 31 June 22, 2023 (Montepulciano/Sorrento)

Day 31 June 22, 2023 (Montepulciano/Sorrento)

As I mentioned yesterday about the heat and no A/C, last night was not too pleasant. Hard to sleep when you’re hot, but I managed to sleep halfway decent and feel good this morning. John didn’t sleep well, but he seems to manage better than I do. Got things packed up and headed back to Chiusi to drop off the car and then head to the train station.

Our train ride was supposed to be about 3 ½ hours, but the train system here is not always on time, so it ended up being 4 ½ hours instead. Not a problem, but we had a car scheduled to pick us up at the train station in Naples and drive us to Sorrento. Since we got delayed, the driver most likely had another pickup scheduled so we ended up having to wait over an hour for him to pick us up. Let me just say, I know I was hanging out at the train station in Naples, which is in the middle of town, but I was not impressed. Well, I was, but not for the right things. First, the traffic IS RIDICULOUS and all you hear are cars honking and seeing moped/bikes weave in and out of the traffic. I should have taken video but was just amazed that no one got hit and no accidents happened. Even the best NY drivers can’t compare to these people, lol!!!! There were so many sketchy looking people that I felt like I had to guard my luggage, or it would be taken. We were approached three different times for handouts. There was a girl inside the train station that had passed out or something and was just laying asleep on the floor. Everything looked dirty.

Finally got picked up and then had over an hour drive to Sorrento. The scenery was beautiful, but we were both ready to get there, drop our bags and get something to eat as we had had nothing since breakfast, and it was already past 7:30 p.m. Our host met us and got us to our room, which is nice, and suggested a couple of restaurants and we headed out. We were quickly able to get a seat (after 8p.m. by now) and ordered some wine, swordfish, grilled prawns, and grilled vegetables. The swordfish and wine were good, lol! The prawns were frozen, not fresh, and they had been overcooked. The grilled vegetables had the grill marks, but they were cold, which confused us, but we ate them. Came back to the room, took showers, and then finished with a piece of chocolate and a limoncello.

We will explore tomorrow! We are in the Marina Grande region of Sorrento.

Miles walked (I think pacing was more accurate) – 2.5 Ciao!

Pics taken while driving back to Chiusi
Besides John’s finger in the way, he said he wanted to have proof I drove, LOL!!!
Outside the Naples train station, look at the chaos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Was sad to see this
Seriously?!?!?! There are FOUR on the is bike. Apparently they have no laws concerning how their children are transported. We even saw kids on parents laps in the front seat and these people drive like crazy folks!
Our dinner that looks good, but was very lacking. BUT look at those lemons!!!!!!
The view outside our bathroom window.

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