Day 9 May 31, 2023 (Venice)

Day 9 May 31, 2023

Today we left Rome to go to Venice. We took a high-speed train (~150 mph) from Roma Termini to Venezia Santa Lucia, and the trip took about 4 hrs as there were some stops along the way.

We arrived at Venezia Santa Lucia at 14:35 and had about a 5-minute walk from the station to our BNB, which is on a tiny street, Calle Colombina, just off the Cannaregio Canal. Here is the link to our BNB –

After getting unpacked, we headed out to eat an early dinner as we did not get to eat lunch. After dinner, we hit the local grocery store and then took a stroll for about an hour before grabbing a glass of wine and turning in for the evening.

Tomorrow is a “get acquainted” day to walk and explore and take lots of pictures!

Miles walked – 5.6 Ciao!

Our first view after leaving the train station.
So we did buy another roller while in Rome, but started out with the brown suitcase, both purple bags and a backpack.
The ponte (bridge) near our BNB. The restaurant we ate it is to the left.
The ponte behind me. We were starving so was glad for a glass of wine and some good food! The restaurant was called La Bella Pollastrella.
Don’t get me wrong, I love pasta, but was happy for some seafood!!!!
LOL, notice the pasta in the background……These were gli scampi (langoustine) with a rectangle of polenta on the side. Not a lot of meat of them, but very tasty.
An after dinner glass of wine at a little place we found in one of the many little alleyways here.
The view looking to the left of our BNB. The sunset was gorgeous!
View to the right of the BNB.
So this guy found a small crab in the water, plopped it on the ground in front of us and proceeded to peck it to death before swallowing the whole thing!
The view at the back of our square looking out to the canal. The door with the keypad is where we are.

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