Day 10 June 1, 2023 (Venice)

Day 10 – June 1, 2023

Today we went to the Accademia Art Museum and saw some wonderful paintings. We spent over 2 hours going through the gallery. Most of the art was behind plexiglass, so there was a glare when trying to photograph them. We then walked all around the little back streets getting familiar with the area.

We saw where the huge fish market is and will try to get some fresh shrimp to cook for dinner one night. We stopped and had a gelato (walnut & fig!) and then on our way back to the BNB, we grabbed a late lunch at one of the nearby restaurants near our place. We shared some shrimp with oil and lemon and a Mediterranean salad, which was huge, as well as my customary Aperol 😊

Spent a couple of hours working on the blog and managed to post 2 days’ worth while John was looking over the map to plan out our day tomorrow. We cleaned up and then headed back to the place we had lunch and had a light dinner, which was linguini with seafood (OMG, was it so good and I forgot to take a picture!) and then a chocolate cake with jam in the middle for dessert.

We have a Legendary Venice t St. Mark’s Basilica with Terrace Access & Doge’s Palace tour tomorrow, so looking forward to that as well as wandering around.

Miles walked – 6.5  Ciao!

Me under the Rialto bridge.
A Venetian gatto 🙂
The Grande Canal.
Can’t remember the artist, but do remember this is a portrait of his parents and he is portrayed as the young man in the small picture.
Steps looking up inside the gallery. They were damaged during a flood a few years back so we could not go up.
Grande Canal with S. Maria Della Salute in the background.
One of the hundreds of canals and bridges in Venice!
Typical narrow Venetian street. Great when you need a break from the sun!
Late lunch was shrimp with oil/lemon and a Mediterranean salad.
Our dolci after our seafood linguini I forgot to take a picture of- chocolate cake with jam in the middle.
Cool buildings at the end of our canal.

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