Day 37 June 28, 2023 (Sorrento)

Day 37 June 28, 2023

Today we had an excursion to the island of Capri. We were transported by van down to the marina and then boarded our boat for the 30-minute ride. The water here is beautiful and so clear! After arriving, we were given 5 hours to walk around and check things out and had to be back at the port at 2 p.m. for a tour around Capri.

There were a couple of things John found to do so we walked up from the port to the center of town, via lots of steps!!! Capri is a beautiful town, and they keep it very clean. I’m sure it has a lot to do with the tourists as well as the rich and famous that hang out there. We walked down “can’t afford anything here” street (lol!) and then found a small garden (Garden of Augustus) that we went in to. Got some great shots from the garden and then headed down Via Krupp, which is an engineering miracle that connects the Gardens of Augustus with Marina Piccola, through a zigzag that overhangs the ridge and has spectacular views.

Once we reached the Marina Piccola, we decided to take a convertible taxi to Anacapri, which is a commune of Capri and located higher on the island than Capri. Just the drive up was entertaining as again, you have the winding, twisting roads with lots of traffic and trucks/buses that are too big for the streets. After we arrived, we saw a little café and people outside with these massive lemons with drinks in them. We checked the menu out, grabbed a seat and ordered a lemon spritz and some risotto with shrimp. The drink was very refreshing, and the risotto had a great flavor due to the shrimp.

After lunch we looked in a couple shops, I bought a cover up and we started to head back down to the port. We took the Phoenician steps (921!) down to get back to Marina Grande. Up until 1874, these steps were the only link to Anacapri, which is at the top of the mountain. One hundred and fifty years ago, Anacapri had no wells, so the women had to go down and come back up with fresh water every day. Glad I wasn’t alive back then. John would have loved it, lol!

We got back down to the marina with about 45 minutes to spare so sat by the water and had an Aperol spritz and people watched. Our boat arrived back on time, we boarded and then had a boat tour around the island of Capri. It’s just so beautiful and yet, wild, as there is a lot of the island that is uninhabitable. We pulled up near the Blue Grotto, which is a sea cave where when the sun shines through it, it creates a blue reflection that illuminates the cavern. Our boat was too big to go in, but we did see others go in. I would have loved that! Other parts of the island that were pointed out were the three rocks, known as the Faraglione, that juts off the island’s coast. We boated through the middle one, which has an arch and is supposed to be good luck to kiss your significant other as you go through it.

We arrived back at the port, caught our ride back to town and had him drop us off at the Conan (grocery store) to buy green beans for our last dinner in Sorrento. We cooked chicken breasts, green beans and had left over risotto. We are packing up and will be ready to head to the train station in the morning for our trip back to Rome. There we will stay overnight and catch the 10:30 a.m. flight back to the states.

Miles walked – 5.94 Ciao!

On our way to Capri!
What a beautiful little town!!! Coming in to the port, Marina Grande.
A Capri front door, love the blue!
One of the little streets winding through Capri.
Just love the doors here!
He/she was not impressed, lol!
Going in to the Gardens of Augustus.
A footpath in the gardens.
One of the views from the terrace of the gardens.
He posed, so we took his picture.
View from the gardens. The red line see below is part of the Via Krupp.
Another view from the gardens.
A bust of Mr. Krupp. We are on the Via Krupp at this point after just leaving the gardens.
The winding pathway down from the gardens to Marina Piccola. It’s a beautiful walk with the scenery.
They seem to have little fear of humans, lol!
A great view of the three rocks that jut out from the island.
Coming in to Marina Piccola and all of the lovely colors.
So, this is a lemon spritz that consists of lemoncello and prosecco. This thing is massive, but good!!!!! We were up in Anacapri, which is at the top of the island.
This was a great dish of seafood risotto!
Our view at the top of Anacapri looking down towards Marina Grande. We start our descent now!
Happy John, going down the 912 steps.
We started from the upper right corner (way above the highway) and made our way down.
John took a pic of the steps if we were going up, not happening!
One of the many colorful plaques outside the residences.
Made it back down to Marina Grande.
Our drink/snack for making it down the steps, lol!
Heading out to tour around the island.
Enjoying the boat ride and the scenery!
Punta Carena lighthouse that is still active. Built in 1862 and has been active since 1867.
Neat formations in the limestone rocks.
One of the many caves that you can explore.
The three rock formations just off the island.
Back at the dock, this is the boat we had the tour on.

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