Day 20 June 11, 2023 (Manarola)

Day 20 June 11, 2023 (Manarola)

Today was a bit of an easy day today. It was time to give the legs a break from walking, though regardless of where you walk, it’s up, lol! I have to say, all of these little towns are nothing but stairs so you definitely need to be prepared for that!

We caught the train to Riomaggiore this morning for a 2-hour kayak adventure. We decided to leave the harbor and go left towards Porto Venere since we have not been that way yet. The scenery was incredible! Seeing the rock formations, the different colors in the rocks, the little coves, and the caves was amazing! We did stop on a small beach (that’s kind of stretching it) and got about waist deep in the water (Ligurian Sea). Even though it was warm and humid, the water is still a little chilly. The sand is black, and it reminded me of when we went to Tahiti, and I was thrown off by the black coloring. It seems like you are walking in mud instead of sand. We paddled back in, dried off for a bit, and then went and grabbed a quick lunch of a yummy mixed salad and focaccia sandwiches.

We strolled around Riomaggiore for a bit, bought some veggies and fruit, then caught the train back to Manarola. We showered up, relaxed a little, then headed into town to do some shopping and get a gelato. We had a repeat of leftovers and added some of the veggies we bought today and called it an early night as we have a pretty good hike planned for tomorrow.

Miles walked – 4.5 Ciao!

From our balcony – the crane that lifts the boats in/out of the water
One of the tunnels the trains run through. Look how clear the water is!!!!!
We were told we could venture into the caves, but……that ain’t my thing 🙂
The black beach
Heading back to Riomaggiore – such a pretty little town
Loved the color of the boats with the water
The church of San Lorenzo in Manarola, built in 1338
The baptismal font, against which an ancient marble measure with the coat of arms of the Republic of Genoa and the words “Comunitas Manarolae”.

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