Day 2 May 24, 2023 (Rome)

Today was a “get acquainted with Rome” day so we ventured out about 7:30 am and went past the Trevi Fountain, which had quite a few people there at that time. They had part of it blocked off as they were filming some female person prancing around in front of it. Had no idea who it was but no one that looked familiar. We plan to head there very early one morning to get some decent pics without a bunch of folks around. We walked toward the Pantheon and got in line about 10am and spent about 40 minutes then headed toward the Castel Sant’Angelo and since there was no line, we went in and spent about 2 1/2 hours. Got some great pics and then had a little bite at the museum cafe and then walked back toward the BNB. We came back to the room to freshen up and take a little break then headed back out for a aperol and a snack, which was bruschetta with salmon and brie (yummers!). We decided to go back to the place we ate last night (just because the food and wine was good!) and shared the spaghetti with meatballs. Made a stop at the grocery for a couple of things and back to the room for the night. Tomorrow we have a 5 hour Vatican tour and will plan to cook dinner. Total miles walked – 10.5. Downloading pics is very time consuming so posting pics may end up being a day behind.

Entrance to the Pantheon
Fountain of Four Rivers
Oculus of the Pantheon – it’s open to the outside!
The bridge we took to the Castel Sant’Angelo overlooking the Tiber River.
Outside the Castel
This was on the ceiling as was most of the paintings.
View from the top of Castel Sant’Angelo overlooking the Tiber River.
View from one of the “port holes” – love this!
Grabbed a quick snack outside the Castel!
My first gelato – pistachio, of course!!!
Scenic view

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