Day 6 – Tuesday, March 5, 2024 (Terre du Haut, Isles des Saintes)

Day 6 – Tuesday March 6, 2024 (Terre du Haut, Isles des Saintes)

So, after last night’s activities, that included celebrating John’s birthday, we exceeded our fun limit and made it to bed about 1:30 a.m. John, the trooper that he is, was up and about at 6:30ish and I was having none of it. We both had big heads from celebrating too much, but we had a great time with everyone.

John caught a tender to the island of Isles de Saintes and walked around for awhile and checked out Fort Napoleon and I took a nap, lol! The fort is about a 20 minute walk from the harbor and contains exhibitions explaining the construction usage of the fort, as well as detailed history of the island. Not many pictures were taken, as I’m the one that usually does them and I was indisposed. We were supposed to do a rum tour but apparently the guy who did that was not available, so it was cancelled. When John got back, we spent some time up deck under one of the canopies and just chilled. Today was an easy day which was needed after the night before.

We met up with our friends for dinner and afterwards the crew put on a fashion show with the latest clothing/accessories that are now available for purchase. They did a great job and some of the wears were nice!

It was an early night for us, though it was after 10 p.m. when we all said good night and we read for a bit, and it was lights out. Hoping for a good night’s sleep and a great day on Guadalupe tomorrow. We plan to check out the island and go to the botanical gardens.

Excerpt about Iles des Saintes from the flyer:

A cluster of eight small islands, Les Saintes lies just six miles off the southern coast of Guadeloupe. Only two of the islands, Terre-de-Haut and Terre-de-Bas, attract any tourists, as the other six islands are little more than rocky outcrops. The locals are primarily fishermen, known for their large boats and unique head gear. Les Saintes have acquired a well-deserved reputation for beautiful beaches and reefs and attract divers from around the world. Happily though, mass tourism is unknown here and the charm of these enchanted isles remains unspoiled. The tender will take you to the tiny capital “Le Bourg”, a charmingly picturesque seaside village.

The view of the ship from the fort.
Looking back at the island after returning.
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