Day 3 – Saturday, March 2, 2024 (Philipsburg, St. Maarten)

Today was an easy day since we had to check out and board the boat in the afternoon. Enjoyed coffee on the balcony and watching the dogs chasing the cars again, lol!

Enjoyed a nice breakfast and then showered and packed everything up. We had the hotel hold our bags until later in the afternoon since we could not board the boat until 4 pm. We went back to the jewelry shop to pick up my ring and found a beautiful sapphire heart shaped necklace too. John is spoiling me on this trip, but we have found that if you want jewelry, the Caribbean is the place to buy, especially on St. Maarten. Sam, the guy we dealt with at the jewelry shop, was knowledgeable and was able to answer any/all questions we had. He was not pushy, which was a plus for me. He gave honest opinions and didn’t try to sell something just to sell.

We came back to the hotel and changed into our bathing suits and spent the afternoon on the beach. The hotel had an outside shower so we could rinse off and then change as well. We picked up a quick lunch at the bar, which was shrimp tacos for me and mahi mahi tacos for John. Apparently, it was margarita day as well, so we were talked into one!

The hotel arranged for a taxi to take us to the port, and we headed out about 3:45. Another couple (Marguerite and Joe), who were also staying at the hotel, rode with us and we realized we were both on the same boat. We struck up a conversation and found we had some things in common, so we ended up having dinner together as well. They live in Naples, Florida, but have been all over the world with his job, and now with hers. After dinner, we all went up to the top deck as the ship raised its sails to start the journey. It’s a very impressive operation and everything works like clockwork.

We called it an evening and look forward to tomorrow as we will be in Nevis and have a Rainforest Hike planned.

The Star Flyer in the background.
We loved sitting out on the deck for our meals, very lovely!
So I nicknamed her Leather Lady! She spent over an hour without moving or going in the water. We were under an umbrella and it was still so hot that we had to go out in the water to cool off. I mean come one, she’s grimacing……Don’t do this at home, lol!!!!
The back of our hotel that faces the water. Our room is the top left corner, great views!
They remind me of Corona’s, but it’s their local beer.
Loved the flowering trees all around.
Mahi mahi tacos for John.
Shrimp tacos for me.
I loved her shirt! She works in the shop attached to the hotel.
Our ship for the week!
We are official!
John took a panoramic on the top deck and the lady sitting there got distorted!
A glass of champagne to toast our arrival on the ship!
The bed is quite comfortable, even when the seas are choppy!
View from the porthole in our room.
All lit up as the sails go up and we head to Nevis. (Borrowed this one from Scott as I forgot to take one.)
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