Day 17 – June 4, 2024 – Sprindale, UT

Day 17 – June 4, 2024 – Springdale, UT

Today we rented e-bikes and rode up the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive. The first place we stopped was at Court of the Patriarchs. We then headed to the Grotto and did the Kayenta Trail to see the Emerald Pools (which are more like puddles, lol!) and it was basically a 5 ½ mile hike. Took the bikes to the Zion Lodge and had lunch (I had ½ a ham & cheese sandwich with a small bowl of loaded potato soup and John had the Zion burger) and then sat under a huge tree (no pic, sorry, will get tomorrow!) then road the bikes all the way to the Temple of Sinawava, which is the last stop in the scenic drive. We then rode all the back down and then turned in the bikes. The scenic drive is basically 7.7 miles total. Trust me, you need the assist with the bikes with the ups and downs!

We picked up our gear for the Narrows hike tomorrow (includes socks, shoes, and a big stick, lol!) The Narrows is the narrowest section in the Zion Canyon on the north fork of the Virgin River, and you can walk up the river.

After dropping our gear off, we headed to Thai Sapa for dinner. We started off with shrimp spring rolls (forgot the pic!) and I had the shrimp fried rice and John had the green curry with beef. It was pretty good, but we’ve had better. We also had the Mango Sticky Rice for dessert and it was pretty good!

Tomorrow will be a cook at home day as we will have to get things packed up and ready to head out on Thursday. We got back to the BNB, watched a bit of TV, and called it a night. Today was a very hot day, high 90’s, and tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter so getting out early is key. Nite all!

We took a picture of the map the bike place has with pertinent info – especially if you break down, lol!
Took a little getting used to, but they were fun!
Along the Pa’rus Trail – we went down to the water.
John got a pic of us on the bridge though you can hardly see us!
I could have stood here all day listening to the water. The “falls” were actually man made to help with slowing down the water flow during monsoon season.
John is actually standing on concrete, which was used to make the “falls”.
Pictures just don’t do it justice….
We did the Kayenta Trail, then added on the Lower and Middle Emerald Pools trails, which did a big loop as one of the bridges was out of commission, hence the 5 1/2 miles, lol!
This huge rocks is being balanced by a very small rock. Wonder how long it will take before it decides to fall?????
A side view of an old man with a big nose and chin, lol!
Taking a break in the shade, it was starting to get pretty hot out.
The tiny waterfall from the Upper Emerald Pool.
Looks like a dinosaur face profile.
Notice the horse ranch below.
Time to put the calories back on, lol!
Shrimp fried rice
Green curry with beef, but they forgot the beef so brought him a whole new bowl!
Mango sticky rice
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