Day 14 June 5, 2023 (Venice)

Day 14 June 5, 2023

It rained last night and this morning, so we were in no rush to head out. I had a chance to post two more blogs, which almost has me caught up. It was close to noon before we ventured out and it was a little cooler because of the rain that came through earlier. We headed to the San Rialto area to do some shopping and found John a nice linen shirt and then I found two (yes two) different purses for me. Don’t judge, not nice, lol! We visited a beautiful church, the Basilica of Santa Maria Gloriosa del Frari, which we went in to and spent almost 1 ½ hours in. It was gorgeous! This church contained eight centuries of art and paintings, as well as frescoes. The pictures don’t do them justice, but there were 30 works of art from as early as 1300.

We stopped for a café and a cannoli, then pressed on. We walked around more than I thought and after a while stopped for an aperol and then headed to the store for a few things and then home. We decided to cook in tonight since we already had some leftovers and then after headed out for an after-dinner drink and dolce, which was a Venetian almond cake.  Super tasty, but not overly sweet, which is what we like. Tomorrow we are heading to Padua, which is about a 25-minute train ride from Venice. Tomorrow is our last day here and we head to Manarola on Wednesday.

Miles walked – 7.07 Ciao!

Yea me!!!! 🙂
Burger King in Venice, seriously?!
A quick snack of cicchetti (small snacks) two with tuna and egg, the other two with salami and roasted veggies The fried concoction was like one of the potato balls we’ve had before.
The wooden choir was built in 1468.!!!!
Gear of a 16th century clock tower
John had grappa (on the left) and I did a light red with our Grega (Venetian almond cake)

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