Day 12 – May 30, 2024 – Williams, AZ

Day 12 – May 30, 2024 – Williams, AZ

Today we got an early start and headed to the GC park as we had a bike tour scheduled for 9 a.m. We did the Hermit Road Bike Tour, and it takes you along the canyon rim for 5.5 miles and is closed to public vehicular traffic, which was great! We boarded a van which took us up to Hermit Road proceeded westward with stops along the way to take pictures and learn about the wildlife and plant life around us. Our guide was Kevin, and he was an awesome guide! Our tour ended at Hermits Rest and the van took us back to the visitor’s center. All in all, it was a great 3-hour excursion.

When we got back, which was about 12:30, we went in search of our hot dog, lol! I had a coney and John had a brat. It was very tasty and just what we needed to tide us over. We then went to the Bright Angel Lodge to do an early check-in for the mule ride in the canyon on Saturday. After taking care of that, we headed to the beer garden and enjoyed a cold beer while people watching. Next was the grocery store that is within the village, and we wish we had been more thorough in our search two days ago as this store has a lot more to offer! We picked up a couple of things and then headed back to the BNB.

Tonight will be left over pork chop (we had two big ones and cooked them both but only ate one), some grilled corn on the cob, left over broccoli, and some rice. We spent most of the day gone, so look forward to just chilling after dinner!

Tomorrow we plan to do part of the Bright Angel trail, so it will be another early day as to beat the heat!

Ravens are all over, it’s amazing how big they are.
A rock squirrel meditating, lol!
The Colorado River way down there.
One of the better pictures of the river.
One of the many stops on our bike tour. Love the different colors of the rock and the river in the background.
The desert rose. They smell amazing and we rode by a bunch of them and it was such a sweet smell.
Our guide Kevin, pointed out some of the flora we were seeing.
It’s misleading, we were not on the edge. No way, Jose!
Where the tour ended. The bell was acquired by Hermit Colter from a spanish mission in New Mexico.
Mother and baby eating. We think the calf was born two days ago. She was hanging around the beer garden area.
This guy was in a hotel parking lot and we saw him on our way back to the BNB. John turned around and drove through the parking lot so I could get a shot of him. Imagine coming out and seeing that!
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