Day 22 June 13, 2023 (Lucca)

Day 22 June 13, 2023

Today we left for Lucca. This morning when we got up, the skies were dark, and you could hear thunder and then the rain came. It was cooler than it had been, so we quickly changed from shorts to long pants (so glad we did!). We had a short trek to the train station, got on for one stop and then had to change trains. We had about a 45-minute trip, with multiple stops, and then had to change trains again for the last leg to Lucca. Originally, our train was behind so that meant we had no time in between to get to the last train. Since there were so many on our train that had to catch the connecting train to Lucca, they held it. Otherwise, we would have had to wait almost 2 hours before the next one.  When we departed the train station it was pouring, of course. We contacted our host and was told the room would not be ready until 2 p.m. but we could drop off our bags. Luckily, we had our raincoats, but our walk from the train station to the room was about a half a mile and with the rain, it was not pleasant. My shoes/socks were soaked, but hey, it could always be worse. Let’s just say it was an adventure, lol! We were met by our hosts daughters, given the quick information about the place and then we headed back out with our umbrellas to kill some time.

We walked around for about 30 minutes and then stumbled upon a great restaurant for lunch, Trattoria Da Nonna Clara. We had their “Nonna Clara” meatballs, homemade tagliolini and a Tuscan stew, which was chunks of braised beef in a yummy sauce with polenta. We enjoyed a glass of white wine and finished with a limoncino. You have to have a digestive after you eat 😊

By the time we finished our lunch, it was time to check in to the room. It is lovely, and here is the link for it.

While I enjoyed my time in Manarola and had one of the most spectacular views ever, it has been my least favorite of rooms so far. It advertised a washer, yet you had to give the host your clothes and he used his personal washer. Was not a fan of some stranger looking at my undies, just saying. The plan was to wash again the day before we left for Lucca, but that wasn’t happening, so we had to wash today at the local laundromat. The place was clean and there was American guy there doing his clothes as well, so he gave us pointers on how to use the machines. He is originally from California, but him and his wife and their dog, Ted, now live here permanently. With clean clothes, we then headed to the local store to pick up supplies and headed back to the room. I was worn out from the hike the day before and not sleeping well the last few days, so we just stayed in and John cooked chicken/potatoes/onions/zucchini for dinner. Took a nice hot shower and then lights out! We look forward to walking around this beautiful little town tomorrow.

Miles walked – 6.69 (most of those were while it was raining!)

A little about Lucca:

Has not been involved in a war since 1430.

Encircled by a perfectly intact wall that keeps traffic out.

Population of 87,000 with roughly 10,000 living within the town

The city wall is 2.5 miles long and it takes 20 minutes to walk from one end of town to the other.

We had just arrived in Lucca and I was not impressed with the rain, can you tell?????
Our fabulous lunch!!!! We will be back!
Their garbage collection – you have to have a card for the bins to open. The town is very clean!!!!
Our lunch place!
Looking up to the wall that surrounds the inner city.
One of the many walkways to go up to the top of the wall.
Walking along the 2.5 path of the wall.
Beautiful, but the rain needs to go away
LOVE this door!

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